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Ron's Background

Ron is a lifelong Wisconsin resident, born and raised in north eastern Wisconsin. Ron's father was educated on the GI bill and got ahead the old-fashioned way, by working hard. Ron attended public schools, served in the US Army in Korea, and like his father was able to attend public universities on the GI bill.

Ron founded a law enforcement software company that created 10 good paying, full time jobs. During this time he also worked as a Wisconsin certified police officer.

Ron moved to Manitowoc with his wife Mary, and their three children 17 years ago. Always interested in community affairs, and impressed by the quality of public education in Manitowoc, Ron was concerned to discover the lack of a school lunch program in Manitowoc public schools. He made it his mission to change this. In succeeding at this he was elected to the Manitowoc Public School Board. As president of the school board, he had responsibility for an enterprise with a 65 million annual budget and 600 employees.

Ron serves as the volunteer coordinator of the Manitowoc Community Garden program that makes land available to 100 local families for gardening. This empowers these families to be more self-sufficient, by raising food for themselves, and produce for sale at the Manitowoc farmers market, which contributes to the local economy.

Ron also served on the board of the Manitowoc Hmong Community Center and as president of the Manitowoc Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.

Ron's Values

Ron has always shared the pride that Wisconsin citizens feel about their state's values and great political traditions.

While serving in Korea, Ron had the opportunity to declare residency in any state as a way of avoiding paying state taxes, but chose to remain a Wisconsin resident, and paid his fair share to the state that done so much for him.

The heart of Wisconsin's political traditions has long been a commitment by both political parties to serve the general good of the entire state. Out of this tradition emerged some of the best public education in the country, fairness to everyone in economic opportunity, social justice, and stewardship of the natural environment. These great traditions have depended upon maintaining clean, transparent and responsible government. This has made Wisconsin special in both the mid-west and the nation.

This tradition is now disintegrating. Unrestrained political partisanship, self-serving corporate and special interest expectations, and an electoral system corrupted by unprecedented amounts of dark money has undone the accomplishments of former generations. This unwise departure from what Wisconsin was has resulted in devastating consequences for the general good.

The quality of public education has been severely eroded. Our roads and other infrastructure are deteriorating from neglect. Our ground water is being polluted. Our wages are stagnant, and our businesses are failing and leaving.

Wisconsin's proud and hard-earned stature as an economic leader in science and research has been shamefully ruined. Wisconsin's commitment to democracy has been abandoned.

The road to recovery begins with a commitment to restoring the excellence of public education, the recreation of an economy that works for everyone, and the protection of our environment.



  • Public education is the foundation of a sound economy
  • Educational opportunity is the best means to ensure individual and family well-being
  • Education empowers and develops the talents and abilities of our citizens
  • An educated citizenry is indispensable to a thriving democracy
  • A modern science and technological based education is a prerequisite for a 21st century economy
  • Sound educational institutions are major contributors to the health and prosperity of our communities


  • Bad environmental policy for the sake of immediate gains is economically disastrous
  • Environmental contamination can have a catastrophic impact on human health
  • Clean alternative energy is the economic future and is essential to reclaiming a healty environment
  • The contamination and privatization of water is an enormous economic and environmental threat to our health and well being
  • The recent of elimination of public support for our state and local parks will diminish the appeal and increase fees, hurting both local families and tourism
  • The current emphasis on cost rather than on value has resulted in reduced enforcement, investigation and scientific research to the dramatic detriment of our environment
  • We have turned over the protection and fate of our environment to the polluters


  • The politicization of labor rights has resulted in dramatically reduced wages and disposable income which has harmed economic vitality
  • Low wage jobs are hurting our economy by creating more families who are dependent on public support and are unable to contribute to increased prosperity
  • Current tax policy, which makes the rich richer at the expense of the vast majority of our citizens, is neither social justice or sound economic policy
  • Increased indebtedness, combined with stagnant wages, is killing our economy by preventing more and more working families from being able to afford homes, vehicles, vacations and achieving a standard of living that once defined the American way of life
  • Our depressed economy, hostile work environment, and declining of quality life is driving our young and talented people away in droves to other states in search of greater opportunity and a better life
  • Although Wisconsin and Minnesota are similar in culture, population and natural resources, Minnesota has thrived while Wisconsin has deteriorated, largely because of political leadership and public policy

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